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Liquor glasses and books on a table at The Peabody Memphis


Learn More About One of the Most Iconic Historic Hotels in Downtown Memphis

The Peabody’s story as one of the grandest, most historic hotels in downtown Memphis dates back to 1869 when the original Peabody Hotel opened on the corner of Main & Monroe, immediately becoming the social and business hub of Memphis. In 1925 a newer, grander Peabody was built at its present location of Union and 2nd Street, continuing the legacy of the "South's Grand Hotel." It was 1933 when ducks were originally placed in the hotel's lobby fountain, setting in motion an 85-year tradition that continues today with the March of the Peabody Ducks.

The company that brought The Peabody back to life when they purchased the hotel in 1975 is Belz Enterprises, a highly successful, multifaceted real estate development and management firm based in Memphis, Tennessee. Starting out as one of the largest Holiday Inn franchisers in the business and then moving on to full-service luxury hotels, Belz Enterprises has a long-standing history within the hotel industry.

Most recently, Belz Enterprises has established Peabody Hotels & Resorts, a hotel and resort management venture that will leverage the ongoing Peabody brand success. Peabody Hotels & Resorts provides solutions for raising brand awareness and increasing financial performance via its long-standing tradition of providing exceptional hotel experiences and creating memories that last a lifetime. Legendary, charming, elegant, and grand are just a few words that describe what sets Peabody Hotels apart from other hotel brands.

Hotel History Tours with the Peabody Duckmaster

Take a trip back in time with this 1-hour tour of the "South's Grand Hotel" with the Peabody Duckmaster.

Cost: $10 per person (children 12 and under are free)

Purchase tickets at the Front Desk.